A Twist on Halloween Costume Contest Awards

Best Costume – So obvious! Here are some fun awards to give out at this year’s Halloween Party.

1. Most likely to be ingested


“The green one tastes like Irish Springs and shame!”

2. Best adaptation of a lifetime of high cholesterol and heart disease.


“I know! How about potatoes, eating potatoes?”

3. Most likely to be mutilated by children and later stuffed into toy box.


“Let’s give her a mullet!”

4. Worst return on investment


“This thing is rigged!”

5. Greatest odds of being hit by car


“She just stood there!”

6. Easiest to steal from

gumball machine

“Like taking candy from a baby!”

7. Most animals hung from umbrella


“It’s raining. My animals are getting soaked!”

8. Mom of the Year – Halloween Edition


“Compliments to the chef.”

9. Frothiest


“Sir, I think there is a feather in my Venti Soy…”

10. Most prepared to perform manual labor


“You’re not here to install the new satellite?” 

11. Most likely to be hit by a bat or shaken for candy


“It’s just vodka with cranberry and half a Lean Cuisine in there. Worst pinata ever.”

12. Most likely to become a permanent fixture in your kitchen


“These spices smell like cigarettes!” 

13. Most attempts to explain costume


“I know, a ballerina!”

14. Best stab at camouflaging your uninvited friend as a painting


“Yeah, we can still see you, even with your eyes shut.”

15. Fewest plumbing problems


“No more party lines!”

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