Celebrate Monday! Throw a Makeshift Office Party!

1. Remove your boss, people who are in your boss’s ear, and anyone who is a party pooper from the office party vicinity by creating a distraction.

“I’m just ummm… THIS is for Patrick… Patrick in Accounting needed these ASAP for the auditors!”

2. Collect food from the departmental refrigerators of other departments.

“No one can see me if I wear this mask…”

3. Make sure you have party favors to go around.

"Todd can I trade you a pack of Splenda for some Nutrisweet?"
“Don’t forget to take one treat!”

4. Put on some good tunes, but not too loud…

“Do you even work here?”

5. Make sure there is some interesting office gossip to throw into the mix.

“You don’t say? Do tell me more…”

6. Change into your party gear.

“Is it time? Ok. It’s time!”

7. Now hurry! You have approximately 7.5 minutes to party as hard as possible without getting caught.

“Happy Monday to all!”

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